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I am Jessica and working in a bank as an accountant. I want to share one incident that was happened with one of my friends. One day my friend came to meet me and she was very upset. I asked her about the reason for her sadness. Then she told me the whole incident. And it was like she was in need of a house to buy and for that she hires a real estate agent and in the end that agent takes huge amount of money from her. And as she made no agreement she was forced to give him that commission money. She was not aware of licensed property conveyancer and she did not search for any experience person to take her case in their hands. Then I explained her about the whole procedure of property conveyancing.

Doing the exchange of property’s ownership from seller to buyer is called as the process of property transaction. Conveyancer is he experienced and qualified person who makes all his efforts to get profit for his client.

Keep one thing in mind while hiring a conveyancer that you have to ask him for the fixed fees structure for doing the process. Following this procedure you will be able to save your commission money or any other hidden fees that a conveyancer may asked in the form of stamp duty fees.

I am sharing this experience of my friend’s property transaction to make you aware of the consequences that may occur if you choose wrong agent or conveyancer.

Always hire a licensed conveyancer to gain profit.